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About Me

/The Knebel Heritage


My heritage in Buffalo extends generations, beginning with my Great Grandfather, Dr. W. J. Knebel, who was the Town Doctor. Following in those footsteps was my Grandfather, Dr. John Knebel. My Father, John D. Knebel was born in Buffalo to Virginia & Dr. John, and later moved to Helena, Montana, where my brother, John L. Knebel and I were born.

Brother John moved back to Buffalo in the early 1990s and purchased Knebel Body & Paint, successfully growing the business through 2014. In 2014, my wife, Rebecca and I decided to return to my roots here in Buffalo, finalzing our move in 2015.

In addition to the Knebel side of the family, my Mother, Kitty Merrill is from Buffalo and is one of the most successful Realtors in the area; my grandparents on that side were Leon and Lucille Rich, who lived the majority of their lives in Buffalo as well.

I started Knebel.Net, LLC in 2004, in Charlotte, North Carolina, and moved the core business here to Buffalo in 2015, finding that Buffalo residents and business owners have a strong thirst for the latest technologies for attracting locals and tourists to their services. Prior to 2004, I developed web and desktop software for personal clients and through professional employment, beginning in 1996.

For your "big ideas", we still offer extensive skills formerly unavailable locally, via Logistics Logic, my existing company in North & South Carolina.

I am very thankful to serve the Buffalo and Johnson County areas of Wyoming, and look forward to bringing my skills to your business!


Websites design & hosting
Mobile apps & development
Hosting shared or dedicated
Custom custom software

Professional Services

/What I Do

I offer full website, mobile app and custom development services. Additionally, I offer full web and email hosting to help ensure your website or apps deliver the highest quality and speed available. Whether your idea is "small-town" or "global enterprise", I've got you covered. Current clients range in size from single-propietors, to several Fortune® 100 and Fortune® 500 companies.

With over 20 years of direct, full-time experience in web and software, you're assured to have top-notch quality while enjoying the latest technologies available.

I provide "anything web" services that help you target and reach your intended audience in their office, home and on their phone. When you award me with your project, I provide full mockups to map out website and app flow, so you'll know exactly what you're going to get before it's even started.



Michael Knebel


Michael Knebel - Professional-Services Timeline

Relocation to Buffalo, Wyoming

Now Johnson County locals!

In 2015, Michael and Rebecca Knebel relocated Knebel.Net and Logistics Logic Inc. from the Charlotte, North Carolina area to Buffalo.


Mobile App Development

Introducing the Mobile Web

In 2010, I expanded my service portfolio to include mobile app development, becoming one of the pioneers for mobile access.


Cloud & Data Centers

Global and Enterprise Hosting

In 2009, I expanded hosting capabilities, offering more services across multiple data centers for higher redundancy and disaster-preparedness. Essentially, it was the "cloud" before it became mainstream.


Logistics Forecasting Software

Production forecasting and Vendor Managed Inventory / VMI

In 2006, I released my first production-forecasting and vendor-managed inventory system. This system essentially assisted in providing statistical and trend analysis for manufacturing & product storage / fulfillment. The sofware made data available allowing projections of customer demand, and predicting optimal batch-run quantities, based on existing production & setup cost tiers .


MVC Framework Developed

Proprietary Rapid-Development

In 2005, I completed development of a proprietary programming/development framework, allowing data-driven websites to be created within "days", versus the industry-standard "months".

Combining this framework, I re-purposed my code generator to perform 4 hours' worth of code-writing, in 15 minutes. Not only did clients benefit, but I'm able to offer a broader range of services due to the time savings.


Knebel.Net LLC Formed

Limited Liability Corporation

In 2004 I formed Knebel.Net, LLC, in order to provide web hosting and design services, in addition to custom programming, for clients small and large, under my own umbrella.

Primarily focusing on the logistics, warehousing, freight & travel instustries, I built a foundation of connecting the dots between web, e-commerce, shipping, warehousing and logistics.

First-Generation Code Generator

Automating the programmer

In 2000, I created several code generators, to automate create, update, delete functionality for "any table in a database" were added - anyone could generate code for these functions. Essentially, a robot who writes source code.


Internet Commodities Exchange

One of the original ICE programmers.

In 2001, I was a part of the original team to develop the first commodities exchange, which was the first to offer the capability to trade commodities like stocks, online.

Regional Director of Information Systems

US Freightways (USF Worldwide)

In 1998, I developed software to handle mass-scale pharmaceutical-samples distribution, which included point-to-point shipment tracking and availability for client-based tracking access.

At this time, most companies, including the mega-carriers did not have these capabilities.


Graduated from The University of Tulsa

BSBA & Dual Minors

In 1996, I graduated from the University of Tulsa with a BSBA in Marketing, and dual minors in International Business and Mass Communications.

Member of the International Club, co-creator of the TU Annual Fund membership/sponsorship drive.

Knebel Painting & Building

Painting & Building Business

In 1991, I started and successfully ran a painting & building business in Helena, Montana. Painted a historical mansion, executed state contracts and serviced high-end homes.


K & K Handymen

Handyman Business Co-Founder

In 1990, I was the co-founder of K&K Handymen in San Diego, California. Professional fences, painting, woodworking & light building.





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